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22 janvier 2007 1 22 /01 /janvier /2007 15:37
rem faire démarrer dans "C:Program FilesCABrightStor ARCserve Backup"
rem This will check all of the databases for errors.

dbcheck -a -L casdb;admin;secret asjob
dbcheck -a -L casdb;admin;secret asmedia
dbcheck -a -L casdb;admin;secret asobject
dbcheck -a -L casdb;admin;secret asrhost
dbcheck -a -L casdb;admin;secret astape
dbcheck -a -L casdb;admin;secret astpdrv
dbcheck -a -L casdb;admin;secret astpsdat
dbcheck -a -L casdb;admin;secret asmmo

rem This section will repair each database as needed.

dbfix -a -L casdb;admin;secret asjob
dbfix -a -L casdb;admin;secret asmedia
dbfix -a -L casdb;admin;secret asobject
dbfix -a -L casdb;admin;secret asrhost
dbfix -a -L casdb;admin;secret astape
dbfix -a -L casdb;admin;secret astpdrv
dbfix -a -L casdb;admin;secret astpsdat
dbfix -a -L casdb;admin;secret asmmo

rem This section will remove deleted records from the database and allow any space freed to be re-used (this may not necessarily reduce the size of the database files).

rem dbdefrag -a -L casdb;admin;secret asjob
rem dbdefrag -a -L casdb;admin;secret asmedia
rem dbdefrag -a -L casdb;admin;secret asobject
rem dbdefrag -a -L casdb;admin;secret asrhost
rem dbdefrag -a -L casdb;admin;secret astape
rem dbdefrag -a -L casdb;admin;secret astpdrv
rem dbdefrag -a -L casdb;admin;secret astpsdat
rem dbdefrag -a -L casdb;admin;secret asmmo

rem This section will repair high-level key problems, and should only be run in conjunction with DBDEFRAG.

rem keybuild -k -L casdb;admin;secret asjob
rem keybuild -k -L casdb;admin;secret asmedia
rem keybuild -k -L casdb;admin;secret asobject
rem keybuild -k -L casdb;admin;secret asrhost
rem keybuild -k -L casdb;admin;secret astape
rem keybuild -k -L casdb;admin;secret astpdrv
rem keybuild -k -L casdb;admin;secret astpsdat
rem keybuild -k -L casdb;admin;secret asmmo


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